AJE Partners blends many years of experience with a talent for building successful strategies to help clients achieve their goals. Whether the focus is the East Bay or the State Capitol, the firm draws from long-standing personal and political relationships to advise clients on the best course of action. AJE Partners helps clients work proactively to influence policymaking before the ink is dry.

In the State Capitol, AJE Partners assists clients in the legislative and regulatory arenas by providing information and consultation on specific bills or a broad legislative strategy. Clients know that decades of experience and a mastery of the process are on their side in the Capitol.

In the East Bay, AJE Partners is a full service firm offering clients an integrated package of skills to meet their needs. The firm provides local government lobbying, community outreach, media relations, and relationship building. Clients routinely benefit from the partner’s strategic advice combined with their vast networks of contacts and access to Bay Area decision-makers.